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Earthquake Tips
IITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips

What causes Earthquakes?
How the ground shakes?
What are magnitude and intensity?
What are seismic zones of India?

What are the Seismic Effects on Structures?

How architectural features affect Buildings during Earthquakes?

How buildings twist during earthquakes

What is the Seismic design philosophy for buildings?

How to make buildings ductile for good Seismic Performance?

How flexibility of Buildings affects their Earthquake response?

What are Indian Seismic Codes?
How do brick masonry houses behave during earthquakes?

Why should masonry buildings have simple structures?
Why are horizontal bands necessary in masonry buidings?

Why is vertical reinforcement required in masonry buildings?

How to make stone masonry buildings earthquake resistant?
How do earthquakes affect reinforced concrete buildings?
How do beams in RC buildings resist earthquakes?
How do columns in RC buildings resist earthquakes?

How do Beam Column joints in RC buildings resist earthquakes?

Why are open-ground storey buildings vulnerable in earthquakes?

Why are buildings with shear walls preferred in Seismic regions?

How to reduce earthquake effects on buildings?



Reproduced with due acknowledgements from:

Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Kanpur - 208016

Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Ministy of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation
Government of India
Core-5A, 1st Floor, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003

Authored by CVR Murty, IIT Kanpur
Sponsored by BMTPC, New Delhi

This release is a property of IIT Kanpur and BMTPC New Delhi. It may be reproduced without changing its contents and with due acknowledgement. Suggestions may be sent to eqtips@iitk.ac.in. Visit www.nicee.org or www.bmtpc.org to see all IITK-BMTPC Earthquake tips

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